GRC 365
(Governance, Risk andCompliance)

The GRC 365 solution developed by Axnosis supports the core governance, risk and compliance processes in an organisation as part of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Protection of assets, loss reduction, improved safety, improved visibility of business performance and improved compliance are the key benefits of GRC 365.

The solution integrates tightly into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to enhance and support contract management, management of audits and management of records of meetings.

GRC 365 is an ideal complement to the Axnosis OHS 365 Occupational, Health and Safety solution.

The GRC 365 system is based on two main pillars: corporate performance management and risk management.

  • GRC 365 supports organisational performance management using the balanced scorecard (or equivalent) philosophy.
  • The system also supports core risk management processes including risk identification, assessment, mitigation and control.

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