Action manager

Practical action management of health, safety, quality, sustainability and risk related issues is essential to drive enterprise excellence and should be an integrated part of an enterprises culture. Ax OHS Action Manager enables enterprises to capture, track and maintain accurate, auditable non-conformance records across the enterprise. 

Action Manager inside Dynamics and in harmony with Microsoft Outlook, provides an end-to-end solution that can help enterprise to:

capture and profile findings from anywhere in their operations;

  • conduct investigations to determine the root cause of the issue; 
  • track the entire action management process; implement required changes; and
  • ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
  • In addition, powerful analytics, reporting capabilities, and dashboards offer real-time visibility into the detail (from initiation to closure).

Ax OHS Action Manager builds on other management related processes and Dynamics modules such as audits, non-conformities, incident management, and even inspection and medicals.

No matter where an issue originates, or how many departments it touches, Ax OHS Action Manager can effectively manage its resolution.