The Ax OHS module includes an Audit register that enables your enterprise to fully audit compliance procedures across multiple sites and companies. Whether you are looking for a more efficient way to track health & safety checks or comply with insurance or quality guidelines, our software enables you to set and promote organisational audit compliance standards. 

Our OHS audit module enables you to produce summary or individual reports at site/department or company-wide level. Individual audit records or audit summary reports can be exported in html, MS Word MS Excel or Pdf. 

Audit headings, question sets, and scoring is configurable by each individual without the need for additional customisation. Furthermore, Axnosis effectively alleviates the consultancy costs that are usually associated with some types of health and safety management software.

  • Set your own scoring system 
  • Share your audit findings across multiple sites/departments or the entire company 
  • Audit record approval and monitor to closure 
  • Assign independent actions from the health and safety audit record 
  • Attach documents/policies/images to audit records 
  • Audit trail every audit record and include on reports 
  • Schedule reminder audit reviews 
  • Our safety software enables you to audit health and safety compliance standards in a consistent and standardized manner 
  • In conjunction with compliance module; it will reduce time and administration costs 
  • Non-compliances can be spotted faster and improvement actions tracked to completion more effectively

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